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Tuesday, December 23, 2014 @ 5:32 PM | 1 Comment(s)

Okay it is the time of the year again!!

Hahaha this time I will try to pen down my thoughts more coherently. I kind of forgot everything that has happened in Y1S2. My memory is failing but I will try.

Okay let me recall what happened.... I was mainly involved in hall and my studies and nothing else?? Hahahahha omg I really can't recall.

Aiya nvm ff to after this sem!! During the hols I think I made full use of my time :) I worked at taka as a sales assistant it was super scary initially cos Idk how to sell stuff. Luckily no hard selling required and I was lucky to have met alot of nice colleagues who are willing to teach and guide me :) yep and I attended alot of camps LOL think I went a little crazy during some camps and people actl judged me but idc cos Im Jassy haahahhah

Y2S1 :)
This sem has proved itself to be very challenging. I mean okay the modules are normal, with their expected level of difficulty. But actsmart me went to take this LSM module!!! Omg it was totally not required but I still went on to take cos I didn't want 2 exams on the same day and yeah. But it was a biology module so only-secondary-sch-bio-knowledge-me kind of didnt have bio knowledge at all. The professor was bad; really bad. The slides were bad and everything was just messy and I had to organise it myself. During the sem I regretted taking this mod sooooo much. It was like giving me so much unnecessary stress. Esp after I got back my first mid term and got a C... So I worked really hard and my second test got a B-. But hey at least I improved alright. Yeah so in the end I got a B- but I was really happy?!? Cos I expected a C+ lolol but luckily there is no finals for this mod :) but this mod made me study independently for the first time. Like I had to google to find out more and also refer to jer's bio notes and made notes myself yep it was quite fulfilling to do all these. I like writing notes and researching hahaha cos it's fun

I was the only one who took the module I had one less finals as compared to my friends. And they need to understand that it is not my fault that they are having 5 finals zzz I had my fair share of stress (Imagine getting a bellcurved C for the first test wts) but yep I think having one mod less really did help my other subjects *grateful*

So yep good things happen to those who worked their asses off!! I really did work very hard this sem I feel but every sem I feel I worked very hard hahaha

And I had hall stuff to do too. Like my previous post, I really dislike committee work and MIA people all so annoying cant people be more responsive and responsible?! But at least I get to learn from this bad experience and I really dont like committee work hahah and I went to join 2 committees. But okay we will get through this ^^

So the whole sem I was just stressed because of LSM and cos of LSM I stress myself for other subjects as well. I think I am better at managing my stress now (?) Hahah at least I didnt break down and came back even stronger.

I hope I will continue this way :)

Yay so moving forward
I dont really remember my goals for 2014 but I am glad to say that I guess it was a good year? Even though many bad things happened but it passed as well so Im kinda okay too. And even though I gained weight lolol I feel that I am still healthy so iz okay. And I managed to reach my target this sem!! Haha okay la didnt really hit cos I missed by 0.05 but close enough and I am really happy.
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